The Case

No wedding album would be complete without the right case to keep it in. No matter whether you're wanting to place it somewhere for the world to see to tucked away safely on the bookshelf, these elegant and timeless cases will fit right in.

Refined over the years, these silk-screened box are now a staple of our wedding albums and come included with your wedding album. It combines two graphic elements, a 17th Century Italian calligraphic text, and a series of leaf and heraldic devices. You'll find your wedding album nestled neatly inside another layer of carefully crafted suede bag to ensure its safe and sound.

The Extras

Needing a a little something extra to gift to your parents or family? We've got just the thing. These mini wedding albums can be ordered along with your full so that they have something to hold on to (and show off) as well to remind them of the amazing day that you put together.



5 Inch

7 Inch






The Cover

Making sure the wedding album is all about you starts with the cover, and with a selection of genuin leather as well as Japanese Silk covers, we're sure there's one that will pull on your heart string!

Vintage Leather

Earthy leathers that evoke nature. Inviting textures that will respond to your touch and can add soooo much to a wedding album.

Genuine leather covers are our specialty. We buy only the finest hides, which we then selectively cut and process to enhance their inherent quality.

Please note, natural growth and range markings are a feature of our Vintage Leathers and make every book, box and album unique. Please choose from our Classic and Contemporary ranges if you require a "grain corrected" finish.




Cover Storm.JPG


Cover Mist.JPG



Cover Rust.JPG
Japanese Bookbinding Silk


Cover Silk Black Stone.JPG



Unparalleled bookbinding silks. These delicate and sophisticated pieces of art come from one of Japan's best mills.

NOTE: These silks don't have the strength and durability of material such as leather, and we strongly suggest keeping silk covers for Photo Books and wedding albums that contain no more than 15 pages (30 sides), although you really want the Japanese Silk with more pages, we can reduce the thickness of each page to add more in while keeping the integrity of the album.

Carry Case Display Box 2.JPG

What happens now that you've gotten past the hangovers, back from your honeymoon and sitting in your office? The excitement isn't over just yet! You've still gotta sort out your wedding album! There's truly nothing like the feeling of holding your precious memories in your hands and reminiscing of all the crazy little moments on your wedding day. Doesn't matter how many friends tell you "you can just look at it on your phone!" you know yourself that it just wont be the same as being able to really sit down with a glass of bubbles (or beer!) and go through your special day. No, it isn't something you HAVE to get but as someone who's had their own wedding photos printed, I'm saying you NEED a wedding album.

A Phone can get stolen and your computer may give up on you all of a sudden. But that wedding album sitting on your coffee table or beside your bed is forever. Something for you to share with your friends and family and maybe the little ones too someday. Something to pass to your children or your children's children just like your gran may have given you a single black and white photo of her and pa on their special day.

The Page

A lot of things have changed in the world, but we believe somethings are classic for a reason. These albums are printed in the classic flush mount style on Silver Halide photographic printing paper. But in non-crazy wedding photographer talk, its really pretty. The quality will leave nothing for want too as we only use the best of the best in both paper as well as the newest techniques and technology to make sure that your memories last! As long as you take care of it, it'll last long enough for you to pass it to your great grandchildren! (Don't leave it in the sun!!)

You'll be able to customise the number of pages  (starting from 10) so that it fits within any budget but at the same time being able to tell your story the way you want it told. You'll have the choice of 2 sizes at 12x9 (30.50x22.85 cm) or 10x10 (25.4x25.4 cm).

Lisa and Brooke Aisle.jpg
Flushmount 2.JPG
Suede Bag 2.JPG
Suede Bag + Box.JPG

The Investment

We don't consider these weddings albums as "valuable", we think of them as priceless as they hold the memories and feelings of one of the best days of a person's life (Mine is proudly displayed on the coffee table!) and there is just no other feeling quiet like being able to flip through the album while reliving the day. No amount of sliding or scrolling on the phone will ever replace the feeling of running your finger along with the leather or silk cover, or the feeling of flipping through page after page and the smell of the paper. 

The wedding album starts at $600 at 10 pages/20 sides (up to a maximum of 45 pages). Each side will usually encompass 1-4 photos depending on the layout and what is used to best tell the story of your day. Additional pages can be added at $20 each page with front and back sides.

Parent Albums.JPG
Ashleigh Father First Look.jpg

The Process

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, no one ever does. We'll work alongside you through the whole process to ensure that the wedding album you hold is, unique, elegant and most importantly, you. 

We'll kick off the album design process first by laying the photos out in a way that we feel would best tell the story of your wedding day. You'll then receive a online version of the album to view and flip through (digitally :P). We'll then work closely with you to tweek bits and pieces such as adding or remove photos/pages, switching positions of individual shots or even changing the size or layout of pages so that your wedding album is uniquely you.

The Delivery

Don't worry about postage :) we've got it covered nation wide! So whether we joined you for that Heli Queenstown Elopement or at a Cathedral in a massive Auckland wedding, you can be sure that your memories will get to you safe and sound. 

We do however require a work address in order to deliver these priceless memories to make sure that they arrive from our hands to yours.

The Prints and Canvas

Prints are great for when you want to have your wedding day displayed! With a variety of sizes, there's sure to be the perfect one for whether you're looking to hang them on the wall or to have them propped up on the bedside table.

Silver Halide Prints

As with our wedding albums, the Silver Halide prints are a timeless classic done using the latest technology and using the some of the best photographic in the world it produces accurate skin tones, with with beautiful highlights and shadows while giving rich clean colours.











6x4 / 15.2x10.2

7x5 / 17.8x12.7

9x6 / 22.9x15.2

10x8 / 25.4x20.3

12x8 / 30.5x20.3

18x12 / 45.7x30.5


Cotton-polyester canvas; long-life latex inkjet printing; museum grade lacquer. These canvases will last you for years and years as a reminder of your special day.


The canvas prints come on a sturdy 1-1/4” (32mm) stretcher frame, with hanging hardware already attached. The printed canvas is wrapped around the edges of the frame. You can specify the “wrap” as black, white, or a natural/mirror “image wrap".

















*More sizes available in both prints and canvases, let us know if you have a specific size in mind and we'll be able to assist!

Whether you're looking for the perfect wedding album or the right canvas to hang on your wall after the big day, we'll have what you're looking for. And if you're after something a little different, let us know!