Ceremony & Reception: Mudbrick 

Hair & Make up: Hayley Maree Beauty

Florist: Bloomin Krazy

Audio: Island Sounds

Such a blast to have been a part of this European and Chinese fusion wedding! From the moment Brooke and his army of groomsmen arrived, IT WAS ON! The bridesmaids and parents had setup a flurry of games designed to test Brooke to make sure was worthy of marrying the precious bride. With hard work and determination (and at times a bit of red bag bribes), each stage was cleared and Lisa was carried off to be married! A lot of other Chinese wedding customs were held too from the cooking and eating of dumplings and noodles to the serving of tea to the elders, all ways to pray for good things to come and to show their respect to their elders, what a way to start the marriage! What followed of course was equally amazing where the rain clouds parted ways and gave us plenty of sun and breeze for the rest of the day as well as an unforgettable sunset at Mudbrick for this Waiheke Wedding.

Lisa and Brook (1443).JPG.jpg