How do you shoot?

I take more or less of a "ninja" approach I shoot in a documentary style and focus on the real and moments of the day. I believe in capturing how the day happened organically rather than having everyone pose and act out how I think a wedding should look like.

That doesn't mean I won't pose you at all though but most of this will happen during the wedding party and couples shoots. I'll make sure to bring the magic

How many photos do you take? how many do I get?

We usually take about 5000-10000 shots during a day depending on how many shooters and how long we're there for. Also depends on how crazy the day is. Having additional cultural ceremonies or events would mean extra shots of course

I will then take these photos and condense them down to the creme of the crop. The best and most important shots that will help you remember your big day and you'll receive 700+ Photos.

How do you deliver my photos/film?

You'll get a personal online gallery for your photos through a link. This way you can share these with your family and friends just by giving them the link. The full gallery is private and only those with the link will be able to find it.

For your wedding highlight film, it will be uploaded to Vimeo for you to watch and share with your family and friends. A separate full quality version will also be available for you to download through a provided link afterwards.

Do you have albums, prints, canvas, etc. that we can order?

Yap, definitely! We've partnered up with one of NZ (and I dare say, world's) best fine arts printing company to design and create albums and prints of the highest quality. Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to bring samples to show you over a coffee.

How do you manage to do photograph & film at the same time?

We don't.

We've got a team of awesomes who shoot in my style and we all have cameras glued to our eyes to capture those special moments. This way we'll never miss a beat whether its photos or film for times like when you're walking down the aisle or that first kiss! I do however switch between photo and video as I see fit during the wedding party and couples photo session where there'll be a bit posing... it's gonna be super fun!!

How many people will be shooting on the day?

There's 1 photographer but if you'd like, we can have 2 photographers shooting to capture extra angles and memories.

For the film, it will depend on how many guests there will be as well as how the venues are set up. It will usually be just a single videographer but if I feel that there's a need for it, I will bring an assistant to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Why get 2 photographers?

Different angles especially for things that can't be repeated like the first kiss, walking down the aisle, bouquet tosses and so much more! It also means that we can capture a lot more moments too with 2 cameras going off at the same time.

If I only have 1 photographer, will I get both sides of getting ready captured?

I would normally aim to be at the boy's side for about 45min to an hour before heading over to the girls and would like to have about 1.5 hours for the last finishing touches before leaving to go to the ceremony. However, this would only work if the 2 getting ready locations are relatively close together. I'm pretty flexible though so the best thing to do would be to look at a day's schedule to see how best to allocate time and where.


What food do you require?

We're not too fussed and don't have any dietary requirements. If it's a buffet styled, we'd love to be able to fill a plate along with the guests. If it's a coursed meal then just a main would be great.


When do you eat?

I prefer to have the meal when you, the head table, are having yours. While this does usually mean I'll be getting food before some of the guests, it also means I can finish eating before everyone else and set up/be ready for whatever comes next. It would also mean I'd finish eating about the same time you do and potentially pull you away for a few quick sunset shots while everyone else is gobbling.

I'm interested! What's next?

Awesome flick me a message! Would love to have a quick video chat so you can get a feel for who I am. Wanna make sure you like me since you're gonna spend a good chunk of your big day with me next to ya. I'd love to grab a coffee so I can get to know more about the 2 of you more! That way I can tell your stories and record your memories better on the big day! While I'm based in Auckland, I do travel to shoot so if you're in another town, we can always arrange a time for when I do go down or I might just head over a day or 2 earlier to chill.


How much is the deposit and when is the rest of the $ due?

The deposit is 20% with the rest of the $$ due 4 weeks out from the big day.